Rose butt, rosebutt, rosebud, anal prolapse, rectal prolapse — 10 Comments

  1. How to speed up the exit of prolapse without vacuum pumps? I want a big and wide prolapse

  2. Hey!

    I got a pretty decent prolapse already (closest comparison sizewise is dirtygardengirl) and i love it. I wish to make it longer, alot longer. I try to wear 9-10cm diameter plugs daily and my wife fists at times to keep it loose so its already ”permanent”.

    I strain as much as i can squatting and sometimes i use a vacuumpump but i seem to be stuck at prolapse length approx 20cm. But i can see and feel that it is ready to unfold even more but i dont know how.

    Please help 🙂

  3. I’m 44 years old and I started playing with my ass when I was 10 years old so now I have a huge Rosebud in a prolapse awesome thing to do I love it

  4. any suggestions on developing more of a gape than a rosebud once you already have one?
    i try to do pelvic exercises but dont know if its working

  5. I want to fist and use big toys, but I do not want a prolapse, I read we’re I pretty much guaranteed a Rosebutt, but you said that goes away after a little while when not playing. But will I eventually get a prolapse or a permanent Rosebutt? How do I prevent this from happening and keeping things right? (New to fisting just got my first huge toy and fist in about a week ago and I’m scared about the Rosebutt thing). Also is it just my body type that is the issue about going really deep, because wider is amazing but deep is very uncomfortable, and I’d like to go deep. Thank you

    • Most people don’t get a prolapse. If you fist a lot, your anus will adapt to it (= gets bigger and more flexible). But if you are not bending over, nobody will notice.

  6. Awsome info! Im wanting a prolpase and wasnt sure if i needed to pump as well……question answered. Thanks

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