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  1. the ILLUMINED MILANO website is not active,
    is the club open and running?
    are we sure it still exists?

    • Yes it does! I went to the last parties and it was packed with action on all the floors. Lots of hot men as well. I already booked for the next one.

  2. The meeting is always well attended by great fister/fistee, many sling and Saturdays ago fist on all three floors. I highly recommend it

    • True. I regularly attend at the “International Fist Meeting” every four months. Many people and many fist in action. To recommand.

    • Dear Luca,

      A lot of men and boys, give this paradisiac address, but how to find the exactly date of these parties?
      The website is not activate… ?
      By advance, thank you for your help.
      Best regards,


      • Hi Olivier,

        I totally agree with you. How is it possible not to have a website in 2015??? The only way you can write with Illumined is through their gayromeo profile I guess… Or just call them!

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