gay fistThis website is about gay fist (or fistfuck, fistfucking, handballing); the most intense way of assplay for men.

Although it might seem painful or even impossible, if you ask fisters, you will hear it is (one of the) greatest sexual experiences possible!


Latest news: MeWe deletes Gay Fist group

5 Feb 2023 – MeWe deleted the popular Gay Fist group without any warning. The only group I am actively moderating is Fist-Holland on Romeo.



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The history of

This website started in the end of the 90’s. In that time internet dating started slowly. You had to dial a phone number for a slow connection. Digital photos were scarce and uploading and downloading took a lot of time. And since I don’t like to waste time, I put all my information and photos on a website:

I received many questions about fisting. So I put the answers on the website. Later came information about fist parties in Europe.

In 2012 the site became interactive. You can leave ratings, replies and reviews. And suggestions for missing parties, events or subjects are most welcome too.

To prevent spam all comments are held for moderation.

Questions, suggestions or comments? Please contact me.