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The second or third largest city of France. I visited Lyon in June 2011. So this information is mostly based on my personal experiences. I visited all fetish/cruise bars. In general I was happy to see all the places were clean. They all provide free condoms in large amounts. In all places people are encouraged to practice safe sex, but it is not a rule. The information says you have to make your own choice and be aware of the risks you take. Just a very few guys speak English. Information on internet and local magazines is most of the time only in French. All bar staff was very friendly and tried to make the best of it. But I am happy I speak a few words in French… Most of the places have a douche facility (to clean your ass). Lyon has a perfect public transport system. And all the cruising bars mentioned on this site are in walking distance from each other. Metro station Hotel de Ville (line A and C) is your gateway to this gay area.

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  1. This is an update I received from a local:

    Bunker has changed its name to XKBOYS; it’s the best sex club in paris, but there is no fist posisbilities.

    The best places remains the Keller

    and the Mensch

    I don’t think other places are welcoming FF as much.

    Mex zone is a neighboroohod bar with a small backroom

    Full metal says they have gloves available for FF, but they have no FF night.

  2. Hi ! The Peub in Dijon is after Covid definitely closed . In Paris the Mensch, FFist parties take place on every Wenesday evening and Sunday afternoon !

    In Dortmund, big FF Party in Jumbo sauna every first Saturday in the month (FFred Party) !

    Greetings !

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