If you have any questions or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact me by e-mail: rik@fistrik.com. You can write in Dutch, English or German.

I am not a chatter. I prefer efficient communication. This means I ask you to come straight to the point. If you contact me because you are interested in a date attach a clear recent face and body picture in your e-mail or message if it is not in your profile. You will receive mine in return if I am interested. If you have an empty profile, provide all details directly. I also expect you to have read my personal information, so you don’t ask me questions that are already answered on this homepage.

I know this sounds not friendly, but I just don’t like long conversations that don’t come to the point. Call it the Dutch approach. And unfortunately there are too many guys around who seem to like spending hours and hours on their phone or in front of a computer screen. I prefer to see a real person in stead.

And after all, you will find out I can be a nice and friendly person…

Dutch: Schrijf gewoon Nederlands, dat is wel zo makkelijk.

Deutsch: Ich verstehe gut deutsch, aber mach viele Fehler wenn ich deutsch schreibe. Deswegen werde ich in english antworten. Wenn du gar kein english verstehst, werde ich versuchen auf deutsch zu antworten.

You can also find me on many gay (dating) websites, always with the nickname Fistrik. I prefer Recon and Romeo

Follow me on twitter: www.twitter.com/fistrik

MeWe: www.mewe.com/i/fistrik

For a private answer, send me an email. You will always get a reply. General comments you can leave below.


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  1. hi do you charge for photographing, as i need some action photos for my profile. do you have contacts that would play with me and fist me on camara as i dont

  2. Excuse me, My ass I would like to have 5 fingers, but when I was about to dig my whole hand, the bone near the asshole blocked me.
    why so?
    I have to learn fist on sex video sites and don’t have full knowledge of fisting.

  3. Hi, I really like your website, as a curious in fisting, I found that difficult in Montreal Canada to find any activities or groups, any suggestion please?

  4. Do you have any recommendations for caring for one’s hole after fisting? Sometimes my hole feels chapped and raw after a good fisting session. I’ve heard that applying Vaseline to one’s hole after helps ease the chapped and raw sensation. Thank you!

    • I discovered that I was very sensitive to a lot of lubricants. Finally I found out that J-Lube is the best lube for me. Have you tried different lubes? Be careful with experimenting with all kinds of products from the pharmacy. The anus is a sensitive body part, so handle with care! 😉

    • I am sorry, I don’t have time for that at the moment. If you use Google Chrome, you can use automatic translation. (a y o r 🙂 )

  5. Heļlo i bave just created m’y account but I would like to know where is the possibility to erase it and and all my personnal datas if i décide to later

    • Hi Dysan. I don’t see an account with your email address. If you want to remove your account, just send me an email directly.

  6. Thank you for your interesting and exciting fisting expiriences and hot pictures and videos…
    Excellent and I am always happy to cone back at your website….go ahead with your new update…

  7. I have participated many time in a Vagevuur FF club in Eindhoven. It seemed it is no longer available. i had great time as a fister as one to one.

    I am eager to be reconnected again in the FF activities which I missed so much. It seems nothing happended much in Asia. Please link me up again. Thank you

    Andrew Chen

  8. I’ve been reading all hwta you wrote about Fisting, cleaning, preparation, clubs and so on before watching your pics :):):) definitively HOT HOT HOT guy…couldn’t see the 3 hands Fist…so bad…thanks for sharing your Fisting knowledge and experiences

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