SLM, Stockholm


Wollmar Yxkullsgatan 18

Scandinavian Leather Man. Members only club. It is not always possible to get a membership as a tourist. Check the website and contact them several days before you want to go there!

I requested more information about the fist parties by e-mail and received a reply within 24 hours:
“Thanks for your mail regarding fist parties. Yes, we do organize such parties, normally every 3rd Sunday of the month.
The thing is that this is managed by some of our members and only open to members of SLM Stockholm or ECMC and memberships can not be bought, nor renewed these nights so I think it might be confusing having them published on the website as they are not open to the public.
Occassionaly (appx. twice a year) we are also hosting fist parties open to the public, however the schedule for that is very irregular I’m afraid. Currently [2013-09-01] no such event is scheduled.”

Stockholm, SLM

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Stockholm, SLM 59.316759, 18.061508 SLM Stockholm MEMBERS ONLY!



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