Gay Fist group on is the new alternative for Facebook and Instagram. They respect privacy. They do not spy, track or share personal data. The site and app have all the functionality you want from social media: photos, videos, voice messages, disappearing content, mail, chat and more. With their unique permission controls you decide who sees your content. This platform is growing quickly. Time to choose for the next generation social media!

MeWe is very good for fisters. We can just post the photos of our fisting adventures without hiding the parts of our body we have to hide for the prudish Facebook and Instagram censorship.
Compared with Tumblr and Twitter, it is much easier to really connect to other people.

My personal profile:


Gay Fist group

I created a private group for gay fisters:

After you created your personal profile, you can apply to become a member of the group. In each group you can create an additional personal profile.

Gay Fist MeWe group


Gay fisting parties calendar

It is very easy to add an event to the Gay Fist group. Here are the instructions:



That’s all! If you need any help, just let me know.

The standard header images are ugly. If you can’t make a header image for your event yourself, you can use this one: (click the image to download in high resolution)

Gay Fist MeWe event




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