Via Napo Torriani 12

Tel +39 2 66 98 50 60

Always open: 24h/24h
Cruising bar on 3 floors

The bar has no website but they have a PlanetRomeo Club called Illumined_Milano:

They write: “We are a ANDDOS private club so ANDDOS All Clubs card is required to enter and we ask you to have your passport or Id Card with you.”

Sometimes fist parties are organized here: These international fist meetings are in March, July and November, in the weekend of the 2nd Saturday of that month. From I very reliable source I heard these FF parties are very good in contrast to bad reviews of this venue on other websites.

Milano, Ilumined

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Milano, Ilumined 45.528005, 9.332267 Illumined




Illumined, Milano — 5 Comments

  1. The meeting is always well attended by great fister/fistee, many sling and Saturdays ago fist on all three floors. I highly recommend it

    • True. I regularly attend at the “International Fist Meeting” every four months. Many people and many fist in action. To recommand.

    • Dear Luca,

      A lot of men and boys, give this paradisiac address, but how to find the exactly date of these parties?
      The website is not activate… ?
      By advance, thank you for your help.
      Best regards,


      • Hi Olivier,

        I totally agree with you. How is it possible not to have a website in 2015??? The only way you can write with Illumined is through their gayromeo profile I guess… Or just call them!


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