Hepatitis A outbreak in Amsterdam

source: AT5, 17 Feb 2017

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Since September 2016 twelve gay/bi men have been infected by hepatitis A after sex. That is remarkable because since 2011 there were no infections registered amongst gay men in Amsterdam.

According to the Amsterdam Health Department (GGD) these twelve cases are a part of a larger outbreak in Europe. In England, Germany, Italy and Spain more infections amongst gay men are known. This makes GGD sound the alarm bell, because it is to be expected the outbreak will spread. All men who have sex with men are strongly advised to vaccinate.

Seriously ill
‘After one vaccination you are protected for one year. After a second for 30 years. The chance to get infected is almost zero”, according to a GGD spokesman. ‘If you are already infected with hiv or your resistance is low, you can get sick again.’ The health department recommends men to vaccinate against hepatitis B at the same time. In case you have a chronicle hepatitis B or C infection, hepatitis A can make you very ill.

People who become ill from hepatitis A virus may have the following symptoms: nausea, fatigue, lack of appetite, fever and a flu-like feeling. Also, discolouration of faeces and urine occur. In extreme cases there may occur jaundice. In exceptional cases can be life-threatening hepatitis A infection.

Vaccinations for men at risk
Gay and bisexual men belong to a risk group and therefore may therefore be vaccinated at a lower rate. One vaccination costs 25 euros. A complete series of three vaccinations cost 75 euros. More information on the website of GGD (in Dutch only…)

More information about hepatitis A


Jaunice is a possible symptom of hepatitis A
Jaunice is a possible symptom of hepatitis A.