About Fistrik

I am a 49 y.o. guy from Amsterdam, The Netherlands. My looks are best described as a “guy next door”.


Height: 1,78 m (5’10”)
Weight: 64 kg (140 lbs.)
Body hair: almost completely shaved
Eyes: dark brown, no glasses
Hair: dark brown, short
Facial hair: always clean shaved
Pubic hair: completely shaved
Piercing: Prince Albert (8 mm)
Body: slim, in the summer nice tanned skin
Smoking: no
Drinking: no
Drugs: never
Relationship: single

Sexual interests

My big turn on is assplay. I am completely versatile and very experienced in rimming, dildo play, fucking (versatile, but more bottom) and of course fist fucking.
In fist fucking I can be considered an expert. I started fisting myself at the age of 17. Now I can handle two large hands without a problem and three small to medium hands go in too. Depth is almost until the elbow, even with two small to medium hands.

In other sexual activities, I am more a top. I like to be dominant with other kinky guys.

What I am looking for in a sex date is having a good time together. A connection of the minds is very important to me. So I never use any drugs (chems) and I want my sex partner to stay clean as well. I know, it is hard to find fisters these days that don’t use drugs… It is fine with me if you use poppers, but please leave the rest of the pharmacy for someone else.

Safe sex only, that means always condoms and gloves.

What am I looking for?

I like to make new ffriends with guys for real fisting action. I only like real encounters, so no internet chat for hours and hours and no cam.

The kind of guys I like, are not very often seen in the leather scene. I like an innocent boy-next-door look. Preferably shaved, no beard, no body hair and slim build.

Piercings and skinheads with a smooth face turn me on. Particularly really kinky guys with extreme fantasies. Try me! Guys who are about my height or smaller turn me on, specially when you have no facial and body hair. Dick size is not important at all. Most guys I like are in their late 20’s or 30’s. Race is not an issue at all.

And did you see: no drugs, safe sex only? Good!

What I generally don’t like: very long/tall guys, overweight, body hair, facial hair. I just can’t help it, it just does not turn me on…. on the contrary… And I don’t like stupid questions like “how are you”. The answer is always the same… So just come to the point when you send me a message!

Meet me

I can accommodate and travel. If you think we match, just send an email with some clear recent pics and your interests.

If you are young and cute like described above, I like to introduce you to fisting and do not hesitate to contact me. But I am not interested in men of my age or older who ask me to introduce them in fisting in a private session. I get this question quite frequently and it just does not turn me on.


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Thanks for taking the effort to read this whole page.
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