I am a 51 y.o. happy single gay man from Amsterdam, The Netherlands. My looks are best described as a “guy next door”. I don’t smoke, don’t drink alcohol and never used any drugs, and never will… And still I am a very happy person! ūüôā

Not looking for a date at this moment

At this moment I am not looking for dates. I still keep this website running to tell everybody who is interessted in fisting where to go. And to answer the many questions novices have about fisting.

If you can’t find the anser to your fisting questions on this site, your are most welcome to send me a message. But as I just said, I am not looking for a date right now.

Sexual interests

Although I am not looking for a date, you still might be interested to read a bit more about me. Here you go… My big turn on is assplay, obviously. I am completely versatile and very experienced in rimming, dildo play, fucking (mostly bottom) and of course fisting.
In fist fucking I can be considered an expert. I started fisting myself at the age of 17. Now I can handle two large hands without a problem and three small to medium hands go in too. Depth is almost until the elbow, even with two small to medium hands.

In other sexual activities, I am more a top. I like to be dominant with other kinky guys.

What I am looking for in a sex date is having a good time together. A connection of the minds is very important to me. So I never use any drugs and I want my sex partner to stay clean as well. I know, it is hard to find fisters these days that don’t use drugs… It is fine with me if you use poppers, but please leave the rest of the pharmacy for someone else.

Physically I am attracted to boys and men who are slim or thin. Not or little hairy and certainly no beard. Age mostly from late twenties to early forties.

Safe sex only, that means always condoms and gloves, even when you are on PrEP.


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