visiting a fist party

Visiting a fist party

There are quite some organized fist fuck parties in the Netherlands. See the calendar page and fist & sex in holland page.

For me visiting a fist party is the best way to meet other and new fisters. Much better than browsing the internet for hours with no result. The best way to judge if you like a guy, is still to see him in real life…

The good thing about a fist party, as opposed to an ordinary safe sex party, is that people give each other enough space. At an ordinary sex party loads of people congregate as soon as two guys start playing. At a fist party they don’t crowd you so you can stay relaxed. Of course, somebody may make it perfectly plain that he wouldn’t mind joining in. A simple sign is enough to say ‘no’ and this will be respected. I’ve found that this is definitely not the case in an ordinary cruising situation!

Getting in

You pay at the door. There is a changing area where you can undress or change your clothes. A cloakroom is provided where you can leave your things either on a hanger or in a bin bag (plastic garbage bag). Sometimes, you need to pay cash for drinks and so you should take a wallet or wristband with you (don’t make it easy for pickpockets). Otherwise, you are sometimes given an account card for drinks and so on. At the end of the evening your total is tallied and you must pay what is owed.

What facilities are there?

fist krant op grondThere are always (extra) slings. If that’s not the case, it’s not a proper fist party. Gloves and condoms are provided free and sometimes there is also lube available. It’s actually a better idea to bring your own lube for hygiene reasons. Newspapers are often put on the floor under the slings to collect lube. So that the next people are not slipping around it is a good idea to help by clearing away soiled newspapers and replacing them with clean ones. There will also be lots of kitchen roll provided (paper towel), so you can clean yourself off and tidy up the sling. To be safe, and hygienic, it is necessary to wash your hands and lower arms with soap and water after every time you have fisted someone (unless you want to catch Hepatitis C).

It is a good idea to have douched (cleaned out) beforehand. This is not a fool proof process and accidents can happen. The intestine is always moving, so sometimes you might need to “touch up”. It is best to be clean at a FF party as opposed to a scat party where it is not necessary to be cleaned out. Most FF parties provide an anal douche so you can rinse out a bit. Usually they have a thermostatically controlled tap with a hose attached to which you can attach your own douche nozzle. At Club Church you can buy a complete douche kit, which is safer and cleaner. If you want, you can have a shower after the party too (Church, The Boss).

What actually goes on?

Most people begin with a drink at the bar. Making contact is just the same as in other scenes. The main difference with ‘ordinary’ sex parties is that people don’t butt in when you’re busy. There’s definitely going to be somebody who wants to join in but, if you’re not into it, a simple gesture will send him on his way. This means you have far more room and can concentrate on relaxing.

What sort of men will be there?

Men at FF parties range in age from 25 to 60. Most of them are in their late-30s, 40s and 50s. As well as experienced fisters, there are always a few newcomers. Most people are ‘versatile’ or ‘bottoms’. ‘Tops’ are, of course, just as welcome. Thanks to the internet, an increasing number of tourists find out about fist parties. You come across all types from regular guys with an interest in ass play all the way to the ‘extremely kinky’ and experienced.

Am I welcome if I’m a beginner?

There are always a few beginners at a fist party who want to see what it’s like. That’s not a problem. No one will stare at you. Experienced fisters like new people coming along and will often be pleased to help them learn new tricks. So there’s no need to have any worries!

What’s the dress code?

Some parties have a dress code, others don’t. Check the website and wear what makes you feel horny! There is lots of leather and rubber, but a jockstrap or nothing at all is fine. It the party’s website does not indicate a dress code you will even find a few people just wearing jeans and a T-shirt.

Do you have to book?

At the moment I don’t know of any fist parties in the Netherlands that are so busy you have to buy tickets in advance.


This information is based on my own personal experience and is designed to help newcomers and younger guys who are new to the fist scene, get over initial worries. I don’t have commercial interests in any of the fist parties mentioned on this website. I used to be a member of staff at Club Church until mid 2015. Now I am still involved as a volunteer for the SOS party from the GALA foundation.

Feel free to e-mail me about anything mentioned here or if you want to know more. My e-mail address is or write a comment below.

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  1. Any places or parties where women who enjoying fisting men can join in, the heavier the better.

  2. I’m sixty years old and discovered fisting few monthes ago, I’d like to improve my experience but unfortunatly, it’s difficult to find men patient enouh to play with a”beginner”, I’m living in South France and it seems that fisters are making like private friends club where it’s quite difficult to be accepted. Anyone could help?

  3. Thanks for the information about where one can party. it nice to know that they sound like the ones over here in Canada


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