frequently asked fistfuck questions

Frequently asked fistfuck questions (FAffQ)

These questions are asked me frequently:

I am new to fisting. Can I visit a fistfuck party?

Yes! You are most welcome. It is always nice to see new guys at a fist party. You don’t have to participate. If you come for the first time, just look at everything that is going on. See the way fisters communicate during play. You’ll see that we are just like normal men ūüėČ

More information about visiting a fistfuck party is available in English and Nederlands.

Does it hurt to be fisted?

No. It does not hurt at all. More information for guys who are completely new to fistfucking is available on the page alles over fisten (only in Dutch right now, I am working on a translation in all about fisting).

How long does it last until a newbie can get fisted?

That is completely different from one person to an other. Some guys can take a fist in their first attempt. Others will never be able to take a fist… An experienced fister will be able to tell you if you have talent to get fisted.

Two things have to happen to be able to take a fist. First of all, the muscle of your anus has to be stretched. (See next question). Second your body needs to have enough “free space” after the anus. I have met a few guys that really can’t take any large object in there.

What is the best way to open my anus so I can take a fist?

Your anus is a muscle. Like other muscles in your body, you can do exercises to make it larger. The most common way to stretch the anus is by inserting dildos or butt plugs. But this is always in the direction your body is not used to.

My advise it to use an inflatable butt plug. (For sale at any gay sex shop). Insert it with a lot of (water based) lube. When it is completely inserted, pump it slightly. Now pull it out, like when you poop. This way you stretch the anus in the natural direction.

inflatable buttplug

Just repeat this until your anus tells you it needs a rest. Don’t overstretch it. Just play with your ass every time you feel horny and you will be surprised how quickly you will be able to inflate the plug bigger and bigger.

It is also a great feeling to leave the plug in your ass for a longer time.

Don’t you have problems with your ass after fisting?

After a fist session, the ass does not always close immediately. But after a little while, it closes just like any other ass. The anus is a muscle. You train to stretch and relax it. When it is in resting position, it is as closed as any other ass. By training, fisters know how to relax the muscle and this makes it easier to put a dildo or fist into it.

I am new to fisting. Would you please fist me?

I receive this question quite often. It is nice that so many men trust me. For a date with a novice, I only invite guys to whom I feel an attraction. Generally speaking, I am attracted to slim and smooth guys from age 25 – 35.

Look at the About me page to find out more and if you think we are a match then send an e-mail with a clear face and body pic(s).

I am an experienced fister and would like to meet you?

I prefer to meet experienced fisters during a fist party. There are several fist parties in Amsterdam each month. What I like about meeting at a public party is that if it turns out we don’t make a good match, it is easier for you and me to say so. Then we are free to look around and find a more workable connection and still have some fun. A more practical solution and no one is left with hurt feelings.

…but I don’t like fistfuck parties or sex parties in general…

In that case send me an message with some clear recent pics of your face and body and refer to your profile on planetromeo. My profile is

What are the best websites to find fisters?

The best (free) dating site for gays in Europe is They offer much more value for no money compared to gaydar,, adam4adam, asspig and all those other sites.

A good second option is What I like about this website is that the conversation history is not deleted automatically.

For a review of these and other dating sites, go to the links page.




frequently asked fistfuck questions — 6 Comments

  1. Hi!
    I wonder every time on all this sites that noone is able to make a simple video for the fistees and the fister to show how to stretch in foreplay the ass.
    What to use and how to use and do!
    The fist videos are made from professionals and are not able to teach anything for a biginner!
    I am now around 20 years in this scene and my experience is that newbees arre all ways fears about what they see in the professional videos wher is no foreplay…
    I think it will be a good idea!

    • Hi Flow,

      I think you are right. If you (or anybody else) would like to make such a video, it will be my pleasure to put a link on this website.


      • Not looking for any promotion or so… but on my profile you can see my development from when I could just take a normal dildo, then a bigger one… and then I jumped to bigger toys and then fists… I would be glad to cooperate on all the information to do kind of “manual” of fisting with plenty of tips and experience, etc.

  2. Hi. Nice post. I have a question that I hope you can give me some insight on. Why is it some fistee can get fisted and even punch fisted and there be no signs of bleeding; whereas, other guys no matter how slow and cautious you are with them do bleed when u fist them?

    Thank you in advance for your response.

  3. Hi!

    I love to be lower in fisting. After 5 years proeba, I want to have a rosebud, nopoka it is so small. I squeeze a rosebud in a closet, using poppers, but does not work. I read that you can use the pump for cock, after a good fisting or the development of the anus. I used to fuck himself, develop a point after a flask for the cock is inserted into a (oral) and pump-sort of like a rosebud, but a long time to keep that hard-ache inside. Prompt, give recipes, as I myself have a rosebud? Simply squeeze the toilet is not so simple, can have better options?
    The second board-how to make the introduction to a depth of up to fist-logtya using popers? I can not breathe egsho as needed?
    Give advice. Thank you.

    • I think this comment was translated by a computer. I don’t know what is the best way to develop a rosebud.

      If I understand your second question correctly, you want to know how to develop deeper fisting. I would say use larger toys. But some men just can’t be fisted deep. An experienced top can tell you if you are able to develop more depth.


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