Here are some places that found that might be interesting for fisters in Switzerland. Leave a review for the places to tell me and others if I am right or wrong…
Is a place missing? Please contact me directly with detailed information about the venue and party, or leave a comment at the bottom of this page. Thanks! Merci! Danke!


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Switzerland: 46.818188, 8.227512
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Bern (CH), Aqualis Sauna Club
Aqualis Sauna Club
Sometimes fist party

Brunnmattstrasse 21, 3007 Bern, Zwitserland
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Lausanne (CH), Trafick
Avenue de Tivoli 22, 1007 Lausanne
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Zürich, GayAqua
Hertistrasse 24, 8304 Wallisellen, Switzerland
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Zürich, Rage
Wagistrasse 13, 8952 Schlieren, Zürich, Zwitserland



Switzerland — 1 Comment

  1. You’re right, there is unfortunately not much going on for fisters here in Zurich.
    I have to go abroad for fist parties……

    Rage is a nice location, they have slings and we can fist there. Unfortunately there is not much going on there either.

    Redandpig on recon or romeo


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