Gay fist and kinky sex places & parties in Italy.


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Italy: 41.871940, 12.567380
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Milano, Ilumined
Via Napo Torriani, 12, Cernusco Sul Naviglio, Milano
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Napoli, The Basement
The Basement
Fist party every 4th Sunday

Via Atri, 36b, Napoli, Napels, Italy
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Padova (It), Club Officina
Fist party every 3rd Sunday

Via Alessandro Volta, 1, Limena, 35010 Padova, Italy
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Venice, Juice Berry
Juice Berry
Via Torino, 162, Mestre, Veneţia, 30172 Venezia, Italië



Italy — 3 Comments

  1. I have lived in Italy for 6 months and not yet met a single man who can fist. Most guys here do not even know the term poppers. I am living in Calabria… is utterly dead. Ok, it is at the tail end of Italy, but it still has a population the size of Ireland, and I can get plenty of ff in Ireland. If you are coming to Italy, unless you are in the north, forget about spending hours searching….and just enjoy the country. I have had 4 meets in 6 months, been robbed twice and bored to death 4 times.

    • At Juice Barry Mestre Venice every two months takes place the evening Hard On. The Basement, Naples, every third Sunday of the month ffparty, and a meeting in the spring and autumn of each year.


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