Fist Factory in Dirty Dicks – Amsterdam — 15 Comments

  1. enig idee waar je het goedkoopste kan parkeren ? Ik heb t ooit ergens zien staan maar weet niet meer waar

  2. Now that many of us are on the PREP program, gloves and condoms are not really necessary for people on the program. Also, people who are zero-undetectable have no chance of spreading HIV. I think that each person has to decide for himself what kind of safe sex he is comfortable with.
    Do you continue to enforce the rule for gloves and condoms?

    • You should ask your question to the venue.
      I strongly advise in public parties to always use gloves and condoms, to reduce the risk of other STDs, like Hepatitis C.

  3. Ik schrijf even namens een FF-vriend, die mij het volgende meldde:
    Ik was zondag (1 juli 2017) in DD Amsterdam. Wat was het daar een zwijnenstal. Echt smerig. Als je wat wilt oplopen moet je vooral daar naartoe gaan. Heb geprobeerd met de eigenaar een gesprek te hebben over betere voorzieningen en het aanspreken van de bezoekers op onverantwoord gedrag, maar hij stond zelfs niet open voor een gesprek hierover. Voorlopig ga ik er niet meer naartoe.”
    Zelf heb ik die ervaring ook van een enkel bezoek uit het verleden. Het is gevaarlijk glibberig en volstrekt onhygiënisch. Als je de GGD zou vragen te komen kijken zou ik niet weten wat daarvan het resultaat zou zijn hoewel ik het wel kan raden!

    • We changed the policy in the bar, there will be someone present in the back that will look after the behaveour of the people. Blame the venue that it is a mess is one, the ones who make the mess are the people to blame.

      Not all like it that there is someone who is looking after the people who are making the mess. But slowly people now understand it is in interest of all to have a cleaner space.

      So if you start playing, take a bunch of newspapers and put them on the floor. After playing throw the used papers in the trash bin.

      It’s so simple and it keeps staff and owners more happy than always having to clean the …. of others.

      Thank you.

  4. why are condoms at the bar when they should be all over the club to be used. I really dont understand dutch policy with condoms!. I should not have to ask for them they should be freely distributed around the club like they are at the hot Fuxx club.

    • Also Club Church provides free condoms all over the place. I suggest you submit your comments to the clubs directly (if you did not do so already).

  5. Sorry to read this here, why don’t people say it to the guys who are having the unsafe sex, or at least to inform the bartenders on it. We will definitely remind the people that it is a safe sex party. To complain afterwards will not help to keep it a safe sex party. We cannot change it or remind people when it is over.

    A safe sex party we have to create and keep with each other so help us to do that and do not complain after the party.

    Thank you!

    • This comment was written by the manager of Dirty Dicks. I totally agree with him. Frequent visitors from the parties I organize myself know that I appreciate it if visitors tell me if people don’t respect the rules. Those rules are made to keep the party safe and pleasant for all visitors.

  6. I have been at dirty Dicks “fist factory last sunday”. I was very curious of the place. It looks clean and suitable for fisting/cruising but what I am concern is that you still seeing unsafe sex while gloves and condoms are available at the bar. I did see fisting without cloves and did see someone get fuck without a condom while the crew(bartender) was walking around seeing if everyone was obeying the rules of safesex!
    Bartenders were friendly but wanted a fee from the customers when leaving by saying that they are not standing here for nothing.

    • See also the comments below. I agree the bartenders are friendly and constantly busy to keep the place clean. (Why don’t you guys throw the newspapers in the dustbin when you finished playing anyway?)

      And everybody knows there is an admission fee for the party. So I don’t understand the last sentence in the comment above.

  7. The first edition of this party 2012-02-05 was a success. About 30 guys showed up. Two slings, and a long fist bench (that accommodates up to 4 guys at the same time) give enough play area. As far as I could see everybody played safe (with gloves) and cleaned after playing.
    For cleaning your ass you need to ask a special hose at the cloak room. Only cold water available (at this moment). So it is better to prepare before the party.


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