Tuesday FF party is now Fetish Lounge

From 1 July 2017 the K!NK parties become Fetish Lounge. Every week is for all fetishes, including fisting. Read more…


Club Church

Club Church Amsterdam

Kerkstraat 52
1017 GM Amsterdam


Cruise Club Church opened its doors in 2008. In a time many places had to close their doors, like Havana, April, ARC, SOHO, Eagle, Dirty Dicks and Cockring, Club Church managed to survive and create something Amsterdam had never seen before. Every day has a different theme and therefore attracts a different crowd. Quite some locals had to get used to the idea of a club with limited opening hours and strict dress codes and continuously changing party themes. So before you visit the club, make sure to check the website www.clubchurch.nl

The party themes go from fisting to ordinary dance parties and from naked to drag. So not every day is a sex party, although the dark rooms and play areas are always open.

In 2012 the basement was renovated. Now there are more private cabins, of which one with a sling. And the dark room got much bigger. During fist parties, the dark room has three slings and more light.

My personal involvement with Club Church was that I worked here for seven years almost every Tuesday, until summer 2015.

The club has a strict SAFE SEX policy. Also drugs are not allowed. For me these are important rules. And they are not only written rules. If we see guys practicing unsafe sex, we kindly ask once to use a condom/glove. The second time, we kindly ask you to leave. If you cause trouble because of drugs, you have to leave immediately and can’t come back for at least half a year.

This way we try to keep it a safe place for everybody. We receive many compliments from visitors (tourists) about how clean the place is and still has a very nice atmosphere.

How it works

When you come in, you pay the entrance fee.
You receive a hanger to put your clothes on. You can also bring your own bag.
Bring your clothes (and/or bag) to the guarded cloak room.
Don’t take any valuables (credit cards, passport) with you, but leave them in the cloak room.
Remember to take some money with you, because need to pay directly for your drinks.
A wrist wallet is recommended or use the plastic zipbag you receive at the cloak room. You can also borrow a simple wrist wallet.

The ground floor has the cloakroom, bar, smoker’s lounge, suckatorium and private cabin with sling.

Upstairs is the cruise and play area, although you can play throughout the entire venue.

Downstairs are toilets (two witch douche facilities to clean your ass), showers, 4 private cabins (one with sling) and a large dark room.

Regular sex parties in Club Church

Tuesday: Fetish Lounge

Every Tuesday is the kinkiest party of the week: Fetish Lounge. This is the best party for fisting.
Party is only from 20:00 till 01:00, so come early!

More information and photos: continue reading here >>>

Wednesday: Naked Bar

Every Wednesday the theme is very simple: shoes only!
Only from 20:00 till 01:00, so come early!
Entrance fee 10 euro, includes first drink and cloakroom.
Very popular party: at least 100 visitors each week.
Remember you need to take some cash with you to pay your drinks. A wrist wallet is recommended!
The shower area downstairs is sometimes good for piss, but not always.

Friday and Sunday: (Z)onderbroek

Underwear party, Fridays from 22:00 till 05:00, Sundays from 20:00 till 04:00.
Very popular. A mix of dance and (vanilla) sex.
For fisting the party is too crowded.
The shower area downstairs is sometimes good for piss, but not very often.
Remember you need to take some cash with you to pay your drinks. A wrist wallet is recommended!

XXXLeather and XXXLeather t-dance

Saturday night, every two months. Strict leather / rubber / fetish dress code
See www.xxxleather.eu

2nd and last Sunday: SOS

Extremely popular party. Only from 16:00 till 20:00.
Dress code = shirt off, but most guys go naked or in underwear.
A lot of (vanilla) sex in every corner of the venue.

Amsterdam, Club Church

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Amsterdam, Club Church 52.365205, 4.885615 Club Church


Always check www.clubchurch.nl for up to date information!




Club Church, Amsterdam — 2 Comments

  1. Really nice fistfuck party yesterday, my first time here at Club Church
    Nice friendly staff and good action!
    Plan to go here many more times!

  2. Sinds enige tijd ben ik al 22 jarige begonnen met fisten. Had al aardig wat ervaring op gedaan met zowel actief als passief fisten. Nu ben ik een aantal weken geleden voor het eerst naar een fist party geweest dankzij deze site. Dit was in Club Church. Werd hier hartelijk ontvangen als ‘rookie’. Heb een geweldige avond gehad en ben zeker van plan om vaker te gaan!


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