Jeff Palmer spots a jockstrapped Kevin Williams enjoying a supercock on his own. Jeff joins in, stretching Kevin’s hole wide with the massive latex cock before rimming, fingering, fisting and finally pumping Kevin’s eager ass with his own stiff tool.

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Warehouse Fist

Brian Bonds steadies himself against a stepladder as crew-cut Zack Taylor massages his hole with a gloved fist. Brian offers lots of verbal encouragement as his ass muscles relax, giving way to Zack’s fist. That fist rotates its way deeper, with a few slaps to ease it along. Brian shakes his butt, telling Zack to ‘fuck me good.’ Their torsos gleam with perspiration. Seen from the back, both are smooth; Zack is dark, Brian is pale, and freckled. Zack presses his advantage past the wrist to the forearm, causing Brian to grip the ladder hard and push back with his greedy hole. Brian’s hand is jerking his cock as Zack continues to punish his gut. At the magic moment he turns, spits in Zack’s face and torpedoes him with a fist-forced load of jizz. Zack’s free hand is jacking his own cock, which discharges its load onto Brian’s boots.

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The Big Thrill

Buck Meadows is entertaining guests Austin Scott and Steve Pierce. Naked, subservient, and ready to serve their master, Scott and Steve offer their bodies and souls to Buck – and he knows just what to do. With two willing and horny bottoms to tame, Buck engages in some passionate foreplay. The trio motor around each other, tasting each other’s cocks and asses, nibbling on each other, swallowing, sucking, probing and stroking. Buck brings out the toys and introduces Steve’s asshole to a buttplug. He presses the point of the plug up against Steve’s hole and slowly pushes it in until it’s tight and secure. Scott gets a set of enormous latex balls shoved in one by one…Buck then retracts the balls…each globe stretches Scott’s hole…relaxing and opening his ass. The two sexpigs groan for more and Buck pulls on his gloves. All greased up, he begins to slide his fingers, then entire fists, into both Steve and Scott. He fists his two eager slaves, making them delirious with pleasure. Buck stretches his boys wide, plundering their cavities with gusto, shoving his hand and fist high up into their holes until all three are worked into a sexual frenzy and lose their loads.

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fistrik triple fist slideshow

Triple Fist

Slideshow from me fisted by three hands.


The doctors and patients are all Sickos in this twisted tribute to hardcore assplay. Kick back and open your hole for an anal exam unlike any other. Treatments involve turkey basters full of lube, metal butt-bullets, giant dildos, a rubber fist.

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